Our agario hack will help you to become the #1 player on the TOP 10 scoreboard easily. This hack is one of the very first and definitely the very best one at this point in time. Your circle will be moved by the bot automatically and increase in size very quickly. Circles controlled by the bot end up on the #1 spot on the leaderboard 8 times out of 10. The bot calculates the length in between each and every item and makes it nearly impossible for your opponents to capture you. It will never let larger objects approach you easily. That is due to the fact our script is always aware of the size of every single circle on the map. It understands which circles you can eat and which players are a threat to you. This agario hack is an exceptionally advanced piece of software made of numerous complex algorithms for tracking, route identifying and quickest path calculations.

agario hack

Agario Hack in action.


Here is a screenshot of of what I have been able to achieve while using this agario hack personally:

Agario Hack



Speed Hack

Using our agario speed hack function anyone can effortlessly increase their speed even when they very big and moving extremely slowly. We suggest you to use it whenever your score is greater than 300. If you decide to use it when your score is still less than 300 you might start to move too fast and can be caught by other players easily.

Zoom Out Hack

This function allows you to zoom out the website as well as see a lot more compared to what is usually allowed. Perhaps you are wondering what’s happening to your left or right? Making use of the zoom out function you can see it without your enemy knowing. Take a look at the screenshot to find out exactly how this agario hack feature works.

Double Size

Using this agario hack is going to double your size with every cell you consume. If you eat little cells your size will usually increase by 1, however if this feature is enabled,  your score will get increased by 2 times after each and every cell. Therefore, in this method 5 ingested cells means a rating of 10, rather than 5.

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C++ Source Code Optimization
V2.45 Release Progress
Movement Detection Algorithm
Beta Version Bug Testing

What Is

If you have not started playing yet (which is very unlikely), you are really missing out. Why? Because this game has been gaining popularity very quickly and has become the next big thing since Flappy Bird. It’s an entertaining multiplayer game that is simultaneously played by more than one hundred thousand gamers worldwide at any given moment. When you open the website, you start as a tiny circle and gain size by eating randomly placed food and other little players. Still, one should not forget that larger circles can eat them!
The objective of is to get as large as you possibly can and consume as many players as you can. As soon as you become big enough you will really start enjoying it. You have a choice to divide your circle in two and toss one-half at any other players with higher speed, as a way to gain a lot more mass. You can merge the two circles after a while. This online game will require the players to simply have any kind of PC and some kind of connection to the internet. It is extremely exciting and entertaining. Yes, it is slightly difficult at the start, but as soon as you get the hold of it and get a certain amount of size, you will have loads of fun smashing absolutely anyone in who crosses your way. You have the choice to play in an FFA(Free For All) mode, in which you compete against every single person, or you can have fun with playing in teams with others. You spawn on a random team(green, red, or blue) and try to destroy two other teams completely. This particular mode is awesome due to the fact that when you are extraordinarily small, your team’s bigger members can easily defend you until you obtain a little bit of mass. These small online browser games haven’t had that much success in the past times as they were constantly crushed by the big video gaming companies like Valve. Nowadays, when not a lot of big games are introduced, this particular minimalist online game has set new popularity records on the web.